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The Yarnathon – My new favourite thing!

So there are loyalty programs, and then there are super fun loyalty programs!  The Yarnathon from Eat.Sleep.Knit is one of the latter category.  I have known about this program for a little while without really looking into it as it is a store from the US and sometimes online purchases from US vendors can be… Continue reading The Yarnathon – My new favourite thing!

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Gracie’s Sweater (Wurstwärmer)

Anyone who is owned by a Dachshund knows that finding dog coats/sweaters for their weenie is a difficult job as they have such a unique shape.  Not only are they much longer than your average canine, they also have a large barrel chest and such short wee little legs.  There is a lovely pattern for… Continue reading Gracie’s Sweater (Wurstwärmer)