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2018 Eat.Sleep.Knit. Yarnathon!

2018 yarnathon

It’s that time of year again!  Time for a new Yarnathon with the marketing geniuses at Eat.Sleep.Knit.  I like to take some time at the beginning of the year to summarize some of the new information and take a look at the new theme that has just been released.  The reason why I like to do this is that its a wonderful game, but it can be daunting for folks that are new to playing!

Like many other faithful ESK customers, I was eagerly waiting for midnight on New Year’s Eve, because the head kitty at ESK starts updating the website at midnight for all of us Yarnathon-mad knitters.  This year’s theme was a welcome surprise to many ESK’ers who were hoping for an Under The Sea theme!  I’ll wait for a moment while you hear Sebastian the crab singing “Under Da Seaaaaaaaaaa” in your head.  🙂

This year’s teams feature the Dolphinknots, the Herknit Crabs, Hexihorses and the Narwools.  As always, existing customers are sorted into their new teams at midnight on the 1st, new customers are randomly assigned a team on your first purchase.  Everyone competes both individually and as a team.  Team threads on Ravelry help generate some team spirit and are a great place to ask questions!

The team with the most stars at the end of the year will win an additional prize and individuals with 30 or more stars will be eligible for a MVP prize at the end of the year.  Stars can be earned via purchases, participating in Knit-Alongs (KALS), participating in the Booster Club and Flash Challenges.

Like in 2017, the KALs are set up quarterly with one all year long blanket KAL.  The Q1 KAL is a designer based knit-along with any pattern from tincanknits being eligible.  Bonus star for making any pattern in two different sizes!

2018 KALS

Tincanknits Pattern: Flax

Again, like 2017, there are 3 size options per KAL and rewards are based on the yardage knit up.  Multiple finished objects (FO’s) can be applied to each KAL so long as each is 100 yards or greater and meet the general KAL requirements.

I am very excited as this is a fabulous designer as they produce quality, well written patterns for multiple sizes with a decent selection of free options.  I knit my wonderful Husband and our nephew matching sweaters from one of their Free patterns.  They were my first completed sweaters that I knit as a knitter!  Also, my readers may recall my learn to knit in the round series featuring another tincanknits pattern, Oats,  read more about that here.

The year long Blanket KAL this year is the Hue Shift Afghan, a pattern by KnitPicks that allows the knitter to have a fabulous journey with colour and join as you go mitered squares.  Check out the gorgeous projects here for inspiration!  Chose your size and earn stars based on number of squares completed.  As this is a year long KAL, there will be monthly prize draws if you complete at least 8 squares in the month.  This gives us procrastinators incentive for keeping up with the project!  Check out this nifty little tool someone made for picking colours!

2018 BoosterThe Booster Club is back with many of our favourite badges, and some new ones too!  Like last year, there are 6 levels and anyone who earns one of the top three can choose to have physical pins shipped at the end of the year.  I am eagerly awaiting last year’s pins!

If you plan strategically, you can earn multiple badges from the same project, so long as it meets all of the requirements.  For example, if you knit a pair of socks with at least 300 yards of ESK yarn, using magic loop and completed the project within a week, you could apply for the “Fill Your Boots”, “Loop-dee-loop” and “Speedy Crafter” badge with the same project.  Apply for badges from your dashboard at the ESK website.  While many badges require a 300 yard project, some don’t!  Check out the I ❤ ESK section for some easy to achieve badges points to get you started!  The first level starts at 100 points and earns you $10 in store credit.

There are other ways to earn some extra yardage here and there.  Correct Yarnatron answers net you 50 yards a piece for the first 10 weeks in each quarter, with a potential 2000 yards to earn over the year.  This years Yarnatron has changed a little, you are given a dyer and 3 yarns.  Your job is to pick out the one that doesn’t belong to that dyer and submit the colourway as your answer.  From the main Yarnathon page, click on the “Weekly Puzzles” to get to the Yarnatron.

I can’t recommend the Ravelry discussion boards enough for anyone who wants to dive right in to the Yarnathon as there are many helpful and encouraging threads and participants to be found!  I suggest checking out your team thread, the news & updates, the KAL threads and the general chatter/questions to start!

One last fun piece is a user created excel spreadsheet to plan and track your Yarnathon activities if you are so inclined.  Download yourself a copy and start adding in all of your activities!


All images (aside from the sweaters) in this post belong to Eat.Sleep.Knit and all Yarnathon info should be obtained directly from the source at







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