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Pattern Release – Expanding Rib Hat

Yesterday I released a pattern that I have been working on for quite some time.  This small, very basic pattern, took me just over a year to write.  I first had the idea just over a year ago, when A group on Ravelry, Hats For Sailors, which organizes volunteer knitters who make hats for every person on board a chosen ship, needed an additional 300 hats on short notice.  You can read more about that in my post from last November.

For those who have never been to Ravelry, here is what my pattern would look like:

Expanding Rib Hat - Pattern Details

In part to celebrate that the first draft of my design was for a charity knit, and also to get my pattern a little promotion, I decided to offer it for free using code “EHR” until end of day December 16, 2017.  I am overwhelmed by how many people have decided to download this pattern and I am looking forward to seeing their projects on Ravelry.

Expanding Rib Hat Hot Right Now

I am quite happy to see that the pattern is currently in the Top 5 on Ravelry, I couldn’t help take a screenshot. Then there is the neat feature that you can see the daily stats of your pattern at the bottom of the pattern page to the right.



Expanding Rib Hat - Daily stats
Daily pattern stats





One of the hats was a random idea that I had that if you started with a smaller rib and expand it, you get the most stretch right where you need it at the widest part of your head, and then a little less stretch at the smallest part.  The crown of the hat melds together to a star like point.

Yes, its very simple, but I hadn’t seen something like it in my search in the Bulky yarn section of hats on Ravelry.  I wanted to use bulky yarn, more than just because I had some yarn in front of me, but because I needed a quick knit and I wanted it to be a thicker yarn for more warmth!

So what took so long to write?  Well, other that procrastination and getting sidetracked?  Well, I wanted to write it for multiple sizes (6 sizes – Baby to a Men’s large) and I wanted to work on cleaning up my pattern design.  By then, it was summer and we had a move to plan for.  I had some Christmas craft shows to do, which I do plan on writing a future post about!  While prepping for the shows, I had this pattern test knit, something I do for all of my patterns.  Then, I also wanted to get modeled shots of the hats in action, as its hard to show off a flat hat!

I would like to thank my Sister-in-law’s family for the lovely photos of my hats in action!  My nephews immediately wanted to know if they got to keep their hats, like there was ever any question, of course! They are very knitworthy boys and the hats looks fantastic on them!

HJHCM - Adult Teen and Child sizes - close up




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