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Spack Craft Designs & Fly Bonnet Help

I receive many questions on my Fly Bonnet pattern on how to work some of the more confusing sections of the pattern.  Sometimes I think its because this might be a gateway project for some, looking to expand their skills or simply to make a bonnet for a horse-crazy friend or kid.  Up to this point, I have answered all questions that I could in the CAL thread that I created when we first started the Bonnet CAL.

I have recently started my own group on Ravelry for help, tips and tricks for Spack Craft Designs.  Right now, there is only the one thread on the fly bonnets where I am starting to compile all of the extra help and photos that I take so that everyone can benefit.  I will likely add future threads for news and my other designs as they come up.

So without further ado, please come and join me at Spack Craft Designs on Ravelry!



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