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Cute Overload

As you might recall, my little niece was one of the Grand Hatting of 2016‘s recipients this past Christmas.  I knit a 12-24 month size for 4 month old little Rebecca, but the little monkey is already out growing it at 6 months!  Not a problem, Auntie to the rescue!

wp_20170219_17_13_06_proWhen I can, depending on whether or not I want to surprise the recipient, I like to have the recipient involved in the planning process.  At 6 months, Rebecca is a little young to vocalize her opinions, but she was quite clear about what she wanted.

After trying to touch all of the yarn at once, she ended up choosing the leftover Mrs. Crosby Train Case in “Barn Swallow” from another project I completed for a little girl.

The skein in her left hand is also destined to be something for this little cutie pie!  It’s one of the exclusive colours for this years Yarnathon.  It’s Blue Moon Fibre Arts Super Sparkle base in “Queen Frostine Sundae” which is inspired by the classic board game, Candyland.

After a false start where I cast on too many stitches and I wasn’t happy with the needle size I chose, I got into a good groove and knocked this one out in less than a week.  If you are curious about the project details, you can check them out here.

wp_20170223_21_45_24_proI finished this one up while visiting my Brother and Sister-in-law, but after the little one was down for the night.  Who to turn to, to see if the hat fits?  My Senior Quality Inspector was up to the challenge!

Never one to shirk from duty, Daffodil was on the job!  In order to accommodate a growing baby a little better, I chose to knit this one with a brim long enough to fold up and the hat a little larger in general.  The idea is that as she grows, you turn up the brim a little less.

My lovely Sister-in-law provided me with a few photos of Miss Rebecca in her hat the very next day (today!) and I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

Fair warning:  Cute overload ahead



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