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The Grand Hatting of 2016

So as I was contemplating Christmas late in November, I had the amazing idea to gift all of the adult members of my immediate family (who might wear one) with a hat this year.  I decided to call this project:  “The Grand Hatting of 2016“.

Ambitious?  Totally!  I figure I ended up making 10 adult hats and a couple extra for some of the munchkins… in less than a month.

If you are interested in learning how to knit this hat, please check out my blog post on “So you want to be a knitter – Lesson 7 – Hats

By the numbers:

  • Total hats: 10 Adult + 2 Munchkin
  • Time to complete:  About 6 hours per hat
  • Materials:  About two thirds of a skein of madelinetosh Vintage each for the adult hats, various for the munchkins
  • Stitches per hat:  minimum of 3500 stitches per adult hat
  • 25 days knitting (possibly some knit while sleeping… as I am still not sure how I managed to finish!)

Whilst I still have two left to gift, I couldn’t wait to post this any longer!wp_20161221_21_59_51_pro

And some of the hatty-erm happy recipients:

For the record, I am on a temporary HiATus from knitting hats.  🙂


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