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2017 Yarnathon

yarnathonWell its the New Year and all that entails, including the new Yarnathon for 2017 at Eat.Sleep.Knit.  I am quite excited for this year, its the second year I am participating in this really fun annual competition.  (My post from last year)  This year, although my heart is totally with the ponies, I was sorted onto team Taffy Giraffe (and I totally add a “y” to the end of giraffe every single time I think or say it!).  It can be a little overwhelming for someone new, so I thought I would walk us all through this year’s race!

teamsThis year’s theme is Candyland and its safe to say, we can expect some delicious candy themed exclusive colourways!  Yarnathoners are sorted onto one of four teams:  The Cocoa Cubs, Gumblebees, Peppermint Ponies and the Taffy Giraffes.  Check the current results here!

You compete individually and as a team.  Individually, you are challenged to reach 50,000 yards of yarn for the year, but you don’t need to buy all of it!  There are milestones along the way where you receive store credit in varying amounts along with a little treat in your order!  As a team, you collect stars for various tasks throughout the year.

There are knitalongs (KAL’s) and other ways to earn some bonus yardage, just for doing what you were planning to do anyway with all that gorgeous yarn.. knit!   This year, there is one KAL per quarter and one yearlong gigantic KAL project.  This year’s monster KAL is to knit Persian Dreams, a lovely stranded colourwork blanket.  I am going to attempt a couple blocks and see if it is for me.  The really awesome thing about this KAL, is you don’t actually have to complete the entire blanket for some rewards, although you obviously get a bigger reward for finishing!  Each KAL has three size options, which is fantastic if you aren’t ready to jump right in with huge yardage.  There are options for everyone!

Beyond the basic Yarnathon, there is the Booster Club, which is an another way to earn some extra goodies.  The Booster Club is a badge system where you can submit entries to earn badges for varying tasks that you might do while knitting.  You can earn more than one badge per project, so long as it means the minimum yardage requirements.  For example, badges can be as simple as reaching a milestone in the Yarnathon, or as complicated as learning a new and scary skill, like steeking (one day, I might be brave enough!).  This year, there are 6 reward levels to the Booster Club, and when you get into the top 3, you can request physical versions of your badges to display.  Each level earns you a prize!


If you reach 10,000 yarns in the Yarnathon, you are permanently enrolled in the 10K club.  10K clubbers receive some sneak peaks into new stock occasionally, along with double lotto tickets with every order.  New to this year, 10K clubbers get a coupon code for free shipping once per month, which this Canadian’s wallet will enjoy!

As always, ESK runs a very active Ravelry group and you can find threads for just about anything to do with the Yarnathon there, such as:

  • News and Announcements
  • Yarnathon announcement thread
  • Team threads
  • KAL threads
  • General Questions and Chitchat

I know I have written about this before, but its just so much fun that I encourage everyone to check it out!


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