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November Happenings

Well it has been a while since I have posted anything, so this one will be a little eclectic.  Bear with me please!  I just recently celebrated my 5th anniversary of turning 29 and was spoiled rotten by my family!  Thanks guys!  Look forward to future adventures in sewing and embroidery!  (As well as the usual yarn shenanigans!)

Lots of puppies, baby Becca, crafting,  and my favourite pony in the world!  It was a good weekend.  Please note Becca’s dinos and my taco-sauruses!  🙂

The rest of the post will cover “Hats for Sailors”, a new pattern in the works for pacifier clips, and current crafting thoughts.   Enjoy!

Recently, a call went out for help in a group called “Hats For Sailors” on Ravelry.  Every year since 2010, this group has organized knitting enough hats for every person on board the chosen ship.  The only requirement for the knitter is to knit with 100% superwash wool.  If you want to join in, they need to receive the donations by December 2.

The call went out (from the post on Ravelry):

This is going to sound really crazy but I need 300 more hats as soon as possible.

We chose the Somerset because our own AuntMarti ‘s son is on the ship. When we contacted them, they were excited. They had already heard of us. We were excited. When we were finalizing the details and asked for a final number, we were surprised to find out that the ship has 1200. We will have about 900 hats. Even though it is a record year, we will be short…very short…about 300 hats. They said they would still like as many hats as they can get. We discussed it and we decided to stick with it and do the best we can.

So I am asking you to knit as many hats as you and all your friends can, as quickly as you can. We will see how close we can get. I will get back to you with a mailing deadline as soon as we figure it out. This is all being decided in the wee hours, and I am trying to get it out to you before I have figured out the details.

So please ask anyone you can think of if they would be willing to knit or crochet a hat. Put it on your blog, on your Facebook, anywhere you can think of. Feel free to pass along my address in a private message to everyone you know. Just please don’t publish it on the internet. They can also email us at for my address or any information.

Thank you so much for being the kind of group that we would even consider asking this of. I know 300 is a lot, but do your best. Every hat is one more sailor covered on the ship.

I had a couple hats in my gift/sell stash that I will be sending along with a couple (hopefully) new ones before the deadline!

wp_20161121_18_55_37_proI  recently acquired a number of plastic KAM clips to make a pacifier keeper for my cute little niece Rebecca.  I used the same yarn I use for horse bonnets, so I know it wears well, washes up well and has some fantastic colours (although I tested my pattern in black since I have a ton of little scraps of that colour).

The one request was that it not be super stretchy, this is a design challenge that could be achieved in a number of ways.  I chose to use cotton (since it doesn’t stretch much) and then do a slip stitch pattern over top the strap to reinforce it even a bit more.

I have written up the little pattern and will publish it as a freebie after I get it tested and photographed nicely.  For now, here is Daffy modeling the finished strap.


With Christmas approaching, I am in crafting and planning over drive!  I am waiting on some yarn to arrive for one last push to get some projects completed!  In the mean time, I am working on a test knit for a designer on ravelry and here is a sweetened sneak peak!


I am knitting in Blue Moon Fibre Arts Targhee Worsted, which comes in a gigantic skein of 616 yards.  Now, its not superwash, but its lovely,soft and squishy with fabulous stitch definition!  I am really enjoying knitting with this yarn.  My little Belle is also learning to enjoy knitting with this yarn!  I think it has something to do with the colour!


Thanks for dropping by!


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