Happy Halloween!

It just so happens that starting last year, our dogs Annual Wellness Exam falls on the weekend nearest to Halloween.  Last year, we dressed up the four dogs (my two and my mother’s two) for their appointment, so of course we had to do the same thing this year!

My two girls have been Tigger and a Cow for a few years now, so I felt it was time to change things up a bit, but I can’t bring myself to pay full price for a costume for the dogs, so here is where being a procrastinator pays off.  I waited until a few days before Halloween and they go on sale!  Now the selection is where you have the trade off, but I think I was successful in finding something cute.  My husband did remark that I must have sushi or something on the brain, because I came home with seafood!  (New costumes are an octopus and a lobster)

I present:  Octopus, Tigger, Lobster and the Cow


And as much as the girls don’t like taking their turn on the examination table, they are quite happy to visit with everyone at the Vet’s office.  A door though, that is a lovely distraction!


And finally, time to go home?


We will have a repeat performance tonight whist handing out candy!  Special bonus (not pictured yet since I haven’t taken a picture) is the Schnauzer Pumpkin!  It serves as cute and as a warning.. There be Schnauzers here!


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