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Happy Birthday Mom! (FO Pics)

Happy Birthday to You!

So, as many of my readers know, I do craft for family members for Birthdays, Christmas and just because I feel like it sometimes.  I do try to rotate around who gets knit items as I can’t do them for everyone for every year!  My Mom and Husband both tend to get knit for fairly often though!

Not too long ago, a hank of lovely lace weight yarn in a green that just screamed “Mom” to me came across my path and I just had to knit something with it for Mom’s birthday.  The question was what?  As you all know, planning out a project is one of my favourite parts of the whole process!

After some pattern searching, I came across a test knit that again, just had Mom’s name written all over it.  The working pattern was “Leaf and Flower Shawl” and since Mom is always in her garden, again, this just seemed to fit into place.  While I was late on finishing my test knit (sorry sorry sorry!), I was still well within time for Mom’s birthday, which is today!  So really, I just had to wait to both gift it, and to share photos!

My inspiration:


Before & After – Blocking:

Before Blocking
After Blocking



Happy Recipient!


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