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Crochet to the Rescue! (Free Bookmark Pattern)

Last week we arrived at the boat for our vacation and the first morning my husband pulls out his book and looked a little distressed.  Turns out that he forgot to bring a bookmark.

Yarny wife to the rescue!  I pull out my hook roll that I packed (with only a few select tools as much as I had to resist bringing everything… I always over pack) and some nice sock yarn that I had on hand to make a few phone socks.  Now I had access to Ravelry and its multitudes of patterns by phone, but I figured I could make one up easily enough.  In hindsight, I was surprised that there wasn’t a similar plain bookmark when I did check it out, so I decided to publish it on Ravelry.

For a simple short-hand version, see below:

Using a 2.75 mm hook and some scrap sock yarn.

  1. Chain 76 stitches
  2. Single crochet (SC) into the back of the second chain from the hook and continue to the end of the starting chain, SC a total of 5 stitches into the end of the starting chain and continue along the top of the starting chain for another 75 stitches (to the end of the starting chain, you should now be back at the point where you started, in the round.) and SC 3 more stitches (so you should have 5 in each end).  End of round 1.
  3. Chain 1 stitch and SC around the round once more with 2 or 3 SC in each of the four “corners” of your rectangular bookmark.  (If you want a more pronounced corner, SC 3, if you want a rounder corner, SC 2)
  4. Weave in ends.
  5. Block so it will lay flat.  (It is probably pretty curly before you block!)

Now since we were at the boat, I didn’t have access to my usual blocking tools.  In a pinch, using paper towel to squeeze the moisture out (I just wet it a teeny bit in the sink), and water bottles to pin it down flat seemed to do the trick!


Also as it turns out, it is really fun for toddlers to pull the bookmark out of the book…….

Not the best blocking job in the world, but it will do.

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