The Olympics

As the Olympic Games are drawing to a close, I stopped to reflect upon how it showcases the various sports involved.  While I was not able to watch as much as I liked as I was out of touch with reality (camping) for a week of it, I was still determined to watch the Equestrian Show Jumping as this is the best of the best.

The horses and riders competing are at the top of their game, they are fantastic to watch and learn from.  The courses were big, technically tough and exacting, exactly as you would expect from an Olympic Games.  It was a dream to watch.

As an amateur, I can only dream of riding at that level.  Let’s face it, when the jumps start getting over a metre, I start to get really nervous, but a couple of years ago, that’s how I felt about 0.9 metre jumps.  Sure, whats another 10 centimetres?  It makes a difference.

I get inspired by watching these riders go and I am truly awed by how they face down a course where the jumps are as tall and almost as wide as a person.  The water jump they faced was not tall, but it was 4.3 metres wide!

And in the midst of it all, when poles are flying and time faults are accruing, Eric Lamaze went through 5 rounds without a single fault, only taking one rail in the final jump-off.  That sort of score is tremendously difficult to obtain and it was truly awe inspiring to watch.  If you are interested to read more, please take a look at this news article which includes video of the final jump-off round.


Image link.  PC:  PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images



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