Why do you Craft?

knit happySo this blog post has been marinating in my draft folder for a while as it is a really tough question to give a simple answer.

Breaking it down simply is that I love to make things from practically nothing.  I love the process of planning the project, considering my options and deciding ultimately on how to produce my intended vision.  Last, but not least, I love showing off my finished objects to a suitably admiring audience.  It feels good!

That being said, there are many other benefits of crafting that I look for.  The largest reason of all is that it helps me with dealing with my chronic pain.  This is not something that I have mentioned here before, but it is an important part of my story.  If I am concentrating on what I am doing, I am not focusing on how much my back or shoulder is hurting.

Add to that, I am a bit of a TV binge watcher and if I can produce something tangible while “wasting” my time watching TV, its not really time wasted, right?

This also extends to time spent waiting in line, in a waiting room, in the car (if I am not driving of course!).  There are many minutes in the day that you spend waiting, might as well have a project on the go in my purse to work on if I have to be waiting anyway!

Lastly, there is something to be said about producing a one of a kind unique object that quite often I gift to a much loved family member or friend.

Why do you craft?



3 thoughts on “Why do you Craft?

  1. It is really nice being able to make use of ‘downtime’ when you’re waiting somewhere with a bit of knitting. I find it’s great for train journeys in particular and I have met a fair few fellow crafters that way.

    I love learning new things and things that make me think and crafting is perfect for that. There’s a whole world of techniques and design ideas out there and unfortunately, I’ll never have chance to learn it all but I’m definitely going to try.

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