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Finished Object Friday

In an effort to keep up with my startitis, I am hoping to run a series of Finished Object Friday’s, although it wont be every Friday I think – I tend to have many large projects on the go at any given time and they take a while to finish!

Not quite off of the blocking wires yet, but close enough for today’s edition!  This piece was made as part of a KAL/CAL hosted by Eat.Sleep.Knit – the Space Shawl!  Participants were given the choice of a number of space themed shawl patterns and I chose the Half Moon Shawl.

Inspired by some of the projects by my fellow crafters, I decided to block the shawl with gentle points instead of in a half circle shape.

Now to finish something else!


To give some perspective, here is how it looked pre-blocked:


And for a bonus.. here is one of it being modeled by my lovely little lady:




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