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Yarn Chicken

What is a yarn chicken you ask?  Not what you see below, although cute!

Yarn chicken isn’t a thing, yarn chicken is a game that knitters and crocheters play occasionally with some success and some anguish.

Quite simply, yarn chicken is a game you play when you think you have enough yarn to finish your project, but there is a quite real possibility that you do not.

I recently played a game of yarn chicken and lost.  I was hoping I would have enough yarn to bind off on a right side row, while maximizing use of yarn.  What I should have done is roughly estimate by weight what each row was taking me and compare against what I had left.  To top it all off, the bind off calls for a picot edge, which uses more yarn than your traditional bind off would use.

I have about 1/2 of my bind off to go and no yarn left.  What do you do?


There are a few options.  First of all, I could work backwards 2 rows and eliminate one of them, that would likely leave me with enough yarn.  But working a bind off row backwards is a PAIN.

I went with door number two.  Pathetically begging the yarn community to see if anyone had any scraps of the same colourway I used (out of stock and discontinued or I would have just bought another hank).  I got super duper lucky and a fantastic Raveler is sending me about 5 yards of their leftovers.

So when you go to tease a knitter about keeping their scraps, or are teased by someone for keeping them yourself.. remember, you could always be someone else’s hero by saving that teeny ball of yarn that you have no clue what to do with! ❤




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