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Knitting in Public (KIP)

World Wide Knit In Public Day is approaching!  (WWKIP)

While every day is a KIP day for me, just ask any of my friends or family – I am always working on some sort of project on the go, this is an event that is organized annually.  If you follow the link above, you can look for local KIP’s in your area – if you don’t find one.. you can host one!

You don’t need to attend an event to participate, really, its all about bringing your WIP’s (works in progress) out into the light of day and working on them in public with reckless abandon.  Well I may have added that last part in about the reckless abandon.. Some knitters just don’t feel comfortable bringing out a WIP when not at home.

Usually I have a minimum of at least one WIP on the go in my purse or an extra bag.. and usually a couple more as well.  I mean, what if I don’t feel like working on the one I brought along, a girl needs options!  Right now I have three projects on the go in my bag – a baby dress, a shawl, and a pair (well eventually it will be a pair) of socks!

As discussed in an earlier post, I tend to suffer from startitis.  While I have spent the end of May and the start of June diligently trying to finish some projects, I feel a couple new ones brewing!

I am thinking WWKIP Day is the perfect excuse to start a new project, don’t you?

PS:  Feel free to link to photos of KIPing in the comments!  I will leave you with a few!



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