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Fly Bonnet CAL – Update

So it has been about a month since starting the Fly Bonnet CAL on Ravelry and I thought I would give a little update!

It looks like we have several projects on the go or planned on the go!  From the sounds of it, Magpie15 is the furthest along with just the trim to go.  She is working it up in a 3.25mm hook with a worsted weight yarn in a lovely purple-pink hue.

Poodleplum is using Catania cotton which is close to the weight of the Super 10 that I wrote the pattern with and comes in a large number of awesome colours!

I don’t think that RitaDenise has started hers yet, but it sounds like she was able to get her hands on some Super 10!

Solemnwold has bought her yarn, but just needs to get some time to start.  Sounds like it will be lovely in an ice blue Egyptian cotton.

I have finished and delivered the bonnet that I was making for the CAL in a solid black with gold cording and rhinestone trim.

A closeup of the trim:


Check out the CAL thread for lots of pictures of the project coming together along with tips and tricks for the pattern.  I will be writing a version 2 when I have received enough feedback to make things a little easier to follow!

For now, I leave you with pictures of Quinn in her new bonnet.. this horse would make anything look good!


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