Fit for my Horse

I have no motivation to be fit or in shape other than it makes me a better rider for my horse.  As I was contemplating my last gym disaster with a personal trainer, I was thinking about my utter failure to do a proper squat.

It just all came together in an instant!  Any time I try to do one, I automatically lean forward and put my hands into a position for a crest release.  Maybe my muscle memory is a little over-trained in some areas.

I am not a gym goer, I feel completely out of place there, out of my element.  I feel more comfortable going grocery shopping in my barn clothes AFTER the barn visit than I do in a gym.

So how is a horsey-girl supposed to get into shape?  Especially when I have no enjoyment out of doing so.

Every now and then, I bribe my horse or dogs sometimes as a motivator.  Applying that line of thinking to myself, I have come up with some motivators for my benefit.  I can tolerate being on the treadmill at home (Thanks Mom!) because I can throw my Ipad over the screen and binge watch some of my shows – ever the multi-tasking right?  It’s a crossover from the crafting while watching tv.  I love watching tv, but feel so guilty since its non-productive.  Clearly a win-win!

How about some other exercises?  Cardio is not the be all and end all of getting fit – although it is a good place to start.  It may sound weird, but I have my bathroom exercises.  A corollary to the hating the gym, is that I hate doing stretches and other activities in front of people, that I do some stretches and a few basic activities when I get up to go to the bathroom.

Some examples?  I have some isometric shoulder exercises (weak right shoulder) that the wall of the bathroom works great for.  The bathroom counter gives me a good spot to do some plank/push-up kinds of activities and I was apparently just contemplating that if I ever got the crazy idea of doing squats again, it would probably also be a good fit.

The advantage (in my very non professional opinion) is that I get a bit of a break, stretches for my bad back and a teeny bit of fitness gain.  (non)Pro-tip:  Drink more water (its healthy right?) for more frequent sessions.  😉


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