Horses · Ridley

Really Ridley?

With horses, as with all animals, things don’t always go as expected.  With Ridley, we add in an extra little mystery into the equation.  I have had 5 years with him and I can tend to predict his moods as he is not subtle.  His ears and eyes always tell you a story, if you know how to read between the lines.

That being said, one of the most common things I say to him is: “Really Ridley?” in a tone of disbelief or resignation.

I have a wonderful girl who is riding Ridley for me when I can’t be out as often as I like and she is fantastic with him.  She recently brought him off property for a lesson, and I warned her in advance that he tends to be a little “fresh” when he goes out.  For quite some time, we trailered only when going to shows, so it stands to reason that he feels like he needs to put on a show?WP_20160410_14_02_42_Rich

Well, not to be outdone, Ridley decided to put on his “best” impression of a horse kite with fireworks shoved somewhere under his tack.  He was way more up that even I would have guessed, and the decision to put him on a lunge line for 5 minutes was a good one as he bucked and carried on.  Our rider is a wonderfully talented young woman and got him focused and working, but he embodied the notion of a “spicy” horse and I think he was trying to tell us he wants to play in the jumper ring.

I know the sudden cold weather worked against us, but honestly..

Really Ridley?




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