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Knit (Crochet) ALL of the things

So it is officially spring.  The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the… oh who am I kidding, this is Canada.  We still may have snow coming and they are calling for freezing rain tonight. I am feeling the inspiration of spring though, it is a time of renewal, beginnings and new growth!

You might be wondering what this means to a crafter.  Well in my case, it means that I want to knit/crochet all of the things.  I mean it, my queue is out of control.  I love the feeling of starting a new project, picking out the perfect yarn for the perfect pattern.  We have a name for this in the crafting world:  “startitis”

Hi, my name is Lisa and I have startitis.

queueThe “Queue” is a lovely feature on Ravelry, but apparently I am up to 189 patterns in my queue and it is out of control.  I am not really using it effectively, so it will need to have a good spring cleaning!

The features of the queue that I love are that you can connect it to yarn that you have in your stash as well as include notes to yourself.  You can fiddle with the order in your queue as well.  I am usually the type of person that has to go in numerical (or alphabetical) order, but when it comes to crafting, anything goes!

To show an example of the awesomeness of the queue when used appropriately, I played around with my first entry.  I entered a date that I want to finish by and the yarn I am intending to use.


The follow-up awesome is the little link that says “start project”.  When you click there, Ravelry sets it up as a project for you – a nice shortcut!   Sometimes I can’t remember the pattern name exactly or there are a few with the same name, this saves the time and trouble as it auto fills the pattern.

Other than the fact that I have 12 wip’s (works in progress) listed on my projects page.. and a few more that aren’t, it’s totally under control.. really!  Time to resist the urge for the other 8 projects that I am itching to start immediately.  There is no current cure for this, but its a work in progress.


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