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Match the Sweater to the Breed

After my experience with making a sweater to match the unique shape of the dachshund, it got me to thinking.  All of us canine aficionados feel that dogs are people too, but really, they come in all different shapes and sizes, just like people do.  I do need to stress that it is really important to not only chose the right yarn for the project, but the right pattern for the intended recipient!

As such, I decided to have a little fun with the advanced search function in Ravelry’s pattern database and I present to you, dog sweater patterns by breed!

*note:  I have not personally knit or crocheted all of these patterns, so your mileage may vary.

Boston Terrier:  Boston Terrier Sweater – This pattern is a freebie, so worth checking out.  It has 63 projects listed, so worth taking a look at some of the project notes.

Dachshund:  wurstwärmer – This is the pattern I used for Gracie’s Sweater.  $3.00 USD, the proceeds are donated to a rescue.  I personally feel this pattern could be used for most barrel chested dogs with the right modifications, I am planning on testing this theory with my schnauzers at some point.

Greyhound:  Side Button Greyhound Sweater – This pattern is a freebie with 516 projects listed.  Ideal for breeds with long skinny necks and bodies!

Pug: Pug Dog Sweater – This pattern is another freebie and it has 238 projects listed along with some adorable photos!

Adjusting my ‘dog sweater’ search by number of projects yielded a few popular “all breed” patterns.  Like any generic sweater pattern, likely some breeds will need a few mods here and there.  With this many projects, you may find some notes that other knitters kept when they modified them.

Easy Dog Sweaters – 942 projects

Perfect Fit Dog &Cat Sweater – 732 projects

Darling Darby Sweater – 714 projects

And for the crocheters:  Dog Coat – 303 projects

Happy knitting and crocheting!



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