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What exactly is a hexipuff you might ask?  Well, it is a tiny little knitted pouch in the shape of a hexagon, designed to be stuffed with a little fiberfill, making it into a little hexagon shaped puff.  They are ultimately designed to be connected into a blanket and is a great way to use up your sock-wt yarn leftovers (or if you are a little OCD and hate the mishmashed look, this is an excuse to buy lots of yarn to make it matchy matchy).

There is a badge for the Yarnathon for making 30 hexapuffs in ESK yarn, so it perked my interest.  I had known about this pattern for a while, but never got to trying it out.  This was a great excuse!  They are the perfect little portable purse knitting project.  I wanted to try it out and I don’t have ESK leftovers in sock-wt yet, so I started with what I had to practice and figure out what needle size worked for me (3.5mm if you are curious).

I had made a single crochet through the back loop scarf for my (now) husband, which is real love because that took forever!  I had the teeniest bit leftover, so I used it for a puff.  Lo and behold, the puff has gone missing from the bowl I am storing them in right now.  Turns out, my husband thinks its the cutest little puff that ever was, and it travels around with him.  He has taken to taking photos randomly through the day and sending them to me – which happens to bring a huge smile to my face!

Here are a few of the photos that I have received, I hope they make you smile too!



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