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Fixing Your Mistakes – I purled instead of knit!

Ever had a project that just didn’t seem to be going right?  Do you end up at the end of your row or round with the right number of stitches?  Does it look ‘right’ to you?

As you begin to improve your skills, you start to learn how to ‘read’ your knitting.  I have a habit of forgetting to count rows when I intend to, so I do a lot of row counting to figure out where I am when I pick up an ongoing project.  You will be able to tell if you have accidentally twisted a stitch.  You learn that your crochet hook is your friend when it comes to fixing a knit to a purl or vice versa a few rows down, or if you drop a stitch (or more!).

Then you start to play with lace or various stitch patterns and it’s a whole new ball game.  I have been fighting with my Starfighter Slouch Hat’s  star mesh portion.  It is a 4 row repeat where the even rows are straight knit.  The stitch pattern repeat is in multiples of 4.  It should be easy, right?  If only.

I have become an expert at tinking (essentially knitting backwards to get back to where I made the mistake) back a row in this pattern.  I have done the latest row about 4 times to try to get it right.  I have stared at my knitting, struggling to figure out where it all went wrong.  I have to admit that I can’t do anything else while working on this pattern.

That being said, lets examine one of the most common mistakes and how to fix it!  You just noticed a few rows back that you purled a stitch instead of knit.  Your project is also maybe a bit bigger than my sample, and you really don’t want to rip back to fix it.  What to do?

A couple rows back there is a purl stitch instead of a knit

Knit back to the same column of stitches that the mistake was made in.

The next stitch to knit is directly above the one that we want to fix.

Now take a deep breath to prepare to deliberately drop your next stitch.  Gently continue to let the stitch drop down until you get to the mistake and pull that one out too.  Your work should now look like the photo below.  You will have the live stitch and the ladder rows above.

Ladder and live stitch

Now pull out your trusty crochet hook and insert it through the live stitch front to back and behind the lowest ladder rung.


Now pull the ladder rung through the live stitch.  Your work should look something like the photo below.  The ladder that you pulled through is now your new live stitch.


Continue doing this until you are back up to the working row.  Put the last stitch of the ladder back on the left needle.


Make sure you haven’t twisted your stitch when you put it back on the needle.

The one on the left is incorrect, the right hand ‘leg’ of the stitch should be in front, like the second photo (sorry its blurry!).


One thought on “Fixing Your Mistakes – I purled instead of knit!

  1. Obviously I hate making mistakes, especially if you don’t notice in time and zoom ahead in your pattern. But honestly, doing this to fix a mistake does give me such a sense of satisfaction!

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