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The Yarnathon – My new favourite thing!

So there are loyalty programs, and then there are super fun loyalty programs!  The Yarnathon from Eat.Sleep.Knit is one of the latter category.  I have known about this program for a little while without really looking into it as it is a store from the US and sometimes online purchases from US vendors can be tricky into Canada.  It’s just my luck to get hooked when the dollar is doing so poorly in the States.


That being said, let me tell you more about the Yarnathon!  The basic premise is that when you purchase yarn, they convert the yardage into varying distances like a marathon.  This year’s theme is Space, which is always something I love.  Essentially, this year your yardage converts into distances between planets.  Right now, I am on Earth, which is good, since I do live on Earth after all!

So what does this do for you, the consumer, you ask?  At each planet, you receive a certain amount of store credit as well as prizes that come with your order.   If you complete the full Yarnathon (50,000 yards), you will have received $160 in store credit, 8 knitting related gifts, and for finishing, you get 10% off future orders and free shipping.

$20 in store credit!


In addition, each order comes with a lottery ticket where you can win more store credit!



But that’s not all!  They also have a Merit Badge Booster club program where you can win more prizes and store credit for completing yarn related tasks.  I really like this program as it gives me some incentive to branch out from my usual wheelhouse and try some new techniques.  I am looking forward to obtaining my colourwork badge as that is something I have never tackled!

Some of my Eat.Sleep.Knit orders this year and prizes!

There is also a very active group on Ravelry where you can chat with other Yarnathon players and your team (you are placed on one of four teams).  The team with the most stars at the end of the year also wins a prize for any team member with at least 500 yards purchased in the year.


I can’t imagine how much time it takes to run this program, but if you like luxury hand dyed yarn, this is the store for you!  (or at least for me!)





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