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Patterns and Modifications

At the risk of sounding like a Ravelry cheerleader, I must admit that it makes making modifications to patterns quite easy and gives you tools to track the mods you make.  This helps when you get asked or inspired to make another!

For example, Gracie’s wurstwärmer Version 2.0 (you will need to be logged in to view the project) is my second attempt at a custom fit sweater for my mother’s Dachshund.  Even with a pattern that is designed specifically for those long dogs, needed some mods.  I know right now that I would love to make another so I am tracking all of my mods as I make them.  Now, I also scribble them all over the printout of the pattern, but knowing me, I will lose (or spill on in this case) the hardcopy before I want to knit another one.

Yes, its additional work to add my notes to my project online, but not only is it there for me when I want to knit another, its possible that my notes could help someone else making the same pattern!

The top image shows the tabs on the pattern page where you can see that 454 projects have been logged for this pattern as well as blog and forum posts.  The bottom two images show a snippet of my notes (including Gracie’s measurements so I don’t have to wrestle with her again) and the needle size and yarn I used.

I will finish this post up with a picture of the project and pup in question.  I will share again when its finished!



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