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Fixing Your Mistakes – I purled instead of knit!

Ever had a project that just didn’t seem to be going right?  Do you end up at the end of your row or round with the right number of stitches?  Does it look ‘right’ to you? As you begin to improve your skills, you start to learn how to ‘read’ your knitting.  I have a… Continue reading Fixing Your Mistakes – I purled instead of knit!

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The Canadian Dachshund Rescue Ontario

This Rescue organization, The Canadian Dachshund Rescue Ontario, is near and dear to my heart as my Mother is an active volunteer for them and my short “sister” has been featured in a past post, Gracie’s Sweater (Wurstwarmer).  Please visit the Rescue’s website for more information about upcoming events! I have been busy this weekend… Continue reading The Canadian Dachshund Rescue Ontario

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The Yarnathon – My new favourite thing!

So there are loyalty programs, and then there are super fun loyalty programs!  The Yarnathon from Eat.Sleep.Knit is one of the latter category.  I have known about this program for a little while without really looking into it as it is a store from the US and sometimes online purchases from US vendors can be… Continue reading The Yarnathon – My new favourite thing!

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Easy Peasy Woman’s Winter Hat

This is my most recently finished object which was made as a commission for my Mother’s friend.  My project page can be found on Ravelry if you want specific notes with regard to the pattern “Easy Peasy Woman’s Winter Hat“. There is a stigma in the knitting world with regard to acrylic yarn.  Some of it comes… Continue reading Easy Peasy Woman’s Winter Hat

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Gracie’s Sweater (Wurstwärmer)

Anyone who is owned by a Dachshund knows that finding dog coats/sweaters for their weenie is a difficult job as they have such a unique shape.  Not only are they much longer than your average canine, they also have a large barrel chest and such short wee little legs.  There is a lovely pattern for… Continue reading Gracie’s Sweater (Wurstwärmer)

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Patterns and Modifications

At the risk of sounding like a Ravelry cheerleader, I must admit that it makes making modifications to patterns quite easy and gives you tools to track the mods you make.  This helps when you get asked or inspired to make another! For example, Gracie’s wurstwärmer Version 2.0 (you will need to be logged in to view… Continue reading Patterns and Modifications