Crochet · Horses

Fly Bonnets

I often get asked about fly bonnets for horses.  They were the idea behind starting SpackCraft as I figured that I should be able to make an equivalent to the high end fly bonnets out there.  Using my crochet skills and desire to find the perfect design and materials, I have developed a pattern that works for me.  I don’t charge as much as the high end designers, but I wont undervalue my skills either, if you are interested in purchasing a SpackCraft fly bonnet, check out the etsy site!

That being said, I have no problem with others who share my love for crafts who are interested in making one for themselves!  I am currently working on publishing a pattern on Ravelry that will be made available to anyone who wants to make one for a modest price.  Ravelry is a fantastic place for knitters and crocheters – if you aren’t already a member, I highly encourage it, it’s free!

Other upcoming pattern designs include an adult sweater for the nerdy gamer and a baby sweater based on one of my nephews.

I will keep you posted!



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